10 July 2012

Marc Forné Molné

Marc Forné i Molné (born 30 December 1946) was the Prime Minister of Andorra[1] from 7 December 1994 to 27 May 2005. After 2 full terms, he was succeeded by Albert Pintat after he won the April 2005 election. He is a lawyer by profession, and was president of theLiberal Party of Andorra (Partit Liberal d'Andorra).
The policy led by Marc Forné is inspired by liberalism and aims to maintain a low taxation level and avoid any statist drift.[citation needed]


  • "We want to take into account the latest debates on the so-called Welfare State, to be found in the documents of the United Nations and of the European Union, in order to avoid sterile imitations and the most common dysfunction’s of this model: very high social expenditure, heavy-handed State control and an excessive bureaucracy, lack of efficiency in the distribution of resources, an excessive protectionism that engenders the dependency of the citizens, and the demobilization of social initiatives." (at World Summit for Social DevelopmentCopenhagenDenmark, 11 March 1995)[citation needed]
  • "A country's strategy is always based on a fundamental philosophical outlook. Discoveries made during the last hundred years have shown that liberalism is the best system to improve a country's well being - This is why Andorra's strategy is based on a liberal way of thinking" (at Liberal International Congress, OxfordUnited Kingdom, 27-30 November 1997)[citation needed]

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