29 August 2012


As I have explained in my previous post regarding the determination of the formula for the area and circumference of a flat wake, then the rectangular sample analysis is the same. Moreover, the rectangle is easy in my opinion to be determined formulas good formula for the area or circumference formula. The point is you have to understand first the meaning of the two words, namely area and perimeter. Actually, those two words I have explained it clearly before. But this time I will just explain briefly.
If you look at the picture on the left, there are two rectangular images. That gambr the top of that is the image that I created to help you understand what and how it round on a rectangle. While at the bottom of the picture is to understand broad.
Roving on a rectangle that is the length of the sum of all the lines that form the edges of rectangles itself. In this case, of course, there are four lines. Two lines of each other vertically and horizontally in pairs of equal length. If the length of the partner is not the same then it is not a rectangle. So to find or calculate the circumference you just add up the fourth line. If you create a rectangle around the formula of her then is the bottom line plus vertical line to the right of the plus line and added another vertical line to the left. Since the vertical and horizontal length of each pair with the same simple formula is 2 x flat line (horizontal) plus 2 x line upright (vertical).
From the second picture you can notice that wide rectangle that is the size of the vast area covered or covered by the outline (circumference). So if we create a formula for the area of ​​four square footage is multiplied by the horizontal lines of vertical lines (length x width). Because it is formed from the multiplication of two lines (2-dimensional) then this is the square unit area (cm squared, m squared, etc.).
In the rectangle you can develop further analysis to enhance understanding. If you drag a line from one point to another point is crossed then formed what is called a diagonal line. To locate or determine the formula for a rectangular diagonal line is you can apply the Pythagorean formula. This is due to draw a line diagonally on a rectangular then the two will form a right triangle identical (exactly the same). So to calculate the length of the diagonal is a root of (flat line + squares straight line squares) or root of (length + width squared squared).


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