30 August 2012

Four Fast Ways Rich on the Internet

Here I will lay out the ways to get rich on the internet. Take a good look, this is not the usual ways that you've encountered before. Simply enter your e-mail below and I will immediately send you an e-book ways to get rich on the internet to your inbox.Method 1. Making content.
Content is the King. Presentation is the Queen. Content is a source of concern. Representative of the user's attention. Users means money. Create content as much as possible. The more and varied content you create, the more users who netted.
Create content such as this article. Write 5 ways to get rich quick, and make sure the final step 5 other premium content be paid. GigaOm just do it.Method 2. Collect content.
Creating your own content is sometimes difficult. Blogging are reportedly just the tip of the vent can sometimes obscure dead end in the middle of the road. Ironically, to make the content 140 characters can not - end up ReTweet constantly.
Collect content from the internet. Content is a source of concern. Representative of the user's attention. Users means money. Tweetmeme, Digg, Reddit is an example of slavery 2.0 places where you work without pay, and they benefit from your sweat. Oh, Google is even worse.Method 3. Create Platform.
Well, this is the dream of many people. For those who are not gifted to create content, or do not even have the ability of RT, there are alternatives for you to make a platform. Creating meaningful platform provides the means for others to play on the "page" you.
He cried, players not only provide a means to enslave the visitor through the concept of "user generated content". Players will also be an attraction for users who want to get certain benefits that are not provided by the player outside of your page.
With profits multiplied by UGC and withdrawal users to our platform, people often mistakenly that this method requires a large capital and can not be included in the get rich quick schemes on the internet. This thinking is wrong! This method does not require a lot of capital. The only capital that is needed is a "wrong move". Intend to make a yearbook website for your school and then realize some time later that you were wrong step and find a site that you've turned into a social network site.Method 4. Playing on the platform.
For those who are cowards and do not dare make a platform, do not be discouraged. Being a player on the platform that others can make you rich quick on the internet. If the word @ dreampipe, others play platform is nice because we've diglobalisasi indirectly. No need to market their applications to Timbuktu because it automatically, people will get updates Timbuktu that there are applications that they can use.
But you must be careful to choose the platform. Some platforms may require you to pay admission. Some will be paranoid to be sure that you are not going to make the application "immoral". Fishhook users with a free application that makes want to know but it sucks. It sucks because you have to spend precious time to wait (and how to speed up means opening your wallet). Cursed We Rule!!


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