30 August 2012

understanding seaman book

The book is also called as safe Seafarers book. There is also a mention CDC. Broadly speaking, can be interpreted a must-have book that contains all of the sailor and the owner of a track record for sailing and syahkan by government authorities. In this case the harbormaster or endorsement by the Director General hubla in building works, jl. independent western, central Jakarta.

In the seaman book contains:
1. identity of the owner
2. Endorsement and expiration books sailors from the authorities
3. special note
4. health records
5. Diploma list owner
6. Sailing experience (sea service)
7. Sea service in previous books
8. And other records ..

Where to take the seaman book?
In all major ports harbormaster Indonesia
Surabaya, Priok, peacock etc. .. In Dirhen Hubla, building works, an independent western, Central Jakarta, Pontianak
Information as to Semarang, not in the open


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