13 September 2012

BAG Semar, VENUS FLY TRAP, PORTUGUESE & CALIFORNIA Pitcher Plant Sundew (Carnivore Plant)

 Flora & Botanical universe never seem to run out in the store uniqueness and richness of the work of the Creator ......
One of them is quite interesting is the plant that are carnivores (meat eaters). Of call it was clear that this plant is a species that meet the nutrition his body in a way to prey on animals. Generally, the prey is small jewan Animals Reptiles, and Small Mammals such as mice and various insects Small Trus ...... How How to eat this plant?

There are quite a few names in the Universe Popular Plants Meat-eaters, one of which Indonesia is a man called "sac Semar" (Latino: Nepenthes Rajah). These plants have a long form of the bag and they generally prey on small mice and Small Reptile, Lizard, or caterpillar example.

But in the history ...... Carnivore Plants not immediately able to name or nickname plant predator, early story of the plant is given the title of "Plants insectivores" which means "to be the prey is insects", so the story there is not enough convincing evidence that this plant is right to eat meat (especially Steak Satay Beef or lamb).
Carnivore Plants given the nickname after the elephant skeleton found one ..... eh "Framework Lizard" Nepenthes Rajah .... on bags., Carcass mice also been found in Nepenthes Truncata. And also found a small frog and the Lizard in Venus Fly Trap (Latino: Dionaea)

 VENUS FLY TRAP (Dionaea muscipula)
One of the carnivorous plants are often found in areas north and south Carolina (southeast Amrik). These plants have two leaves of the fruit valves are always open to lure unsuspecting prey to come and go.

 PORTUGUESE Sundew (Drosophyllacease Lusitanicum)
This plant has a distinctive aroma to attract prey because these plants have a glue trap like that came from slime plant itself. Which resulted in the prey "Guaranteed" can not run away!

BAG Semar (Nepenthes sp)
His name emang Punakawan kayak in the world wayang figures are "Abah Semar" .... but for insect species that does this school is very scary, because Si has a hole Semar bag traps are very similar to eggplant fruit and water in the bottom of the bag, here's the attraction for Si Semar, due to the small animals that like to take the animals must have water going into the hole.

California Pitcher Plants

Pitcher CALIFORNIA PLANTS (Darlingtonia californica)
At the front of the bag there is a branching leaf-like fins or a mustache, which is usually so sweet the seat before the victim as prey into a trap, this plant had a valve-shaped pouch at the top.

Did you know ...... and if this plant is also experiencing Process of Photosynthesis?, But these carnivorous plants are not able to get the ingredients of nutrient elements such as plants in general, was made possible because the environment is less supportive than it was ...... as a form of adaptation, then brush aja fotosintesisnya material from insect or small reptile that had them trapped!

These plants are usually digest their prey with the help of digestive enzymes, so nutrients can more easily absorbed by the body plant, this plant is also a form of adaptation occurs at the time of trapping prey.

Due to the nature of some 1001 plants have a way to trap prey, but so far the mechanism of the trap (Trap Mechanism) is known there are only two ways, namely trapping Active and Passive
Trapping ACTIVE: it involves the movement of the Fast, Aggressive, and Appropriate, the way it is split 2 ways, namely: Trapping & Vacuum Tweezers, clamping generally carried out by the Venus Fly Trap and Aldrovanda.

Venus Fly Trap and the leaves have two valves in normal circumstances, two valve-like flowers that blooms, also features a layer of leaves that look like specks of oil water spots, this turns out to attract insects or small mammals to close.
At the time of approaching stimuli that occur in both valve and without waiting for a long time, immediately wrote the prey "The Brush Out".

The next type of Junior Suction is only owned and is characteristic of Polypompholyx and Ultricularia.
Dioanaea trap similar to, just this one more round like a chicken egg and long hair appears at the end. This section is most sensitive to stimuli, if the insect is touched. Automatically when exposed to something in itself valve will open and suck it like a Vacuum Cleaner.
It turns out ...... this plant can not live in North or South Pole, because the character of these plants to take protein from the prey to make the plants prefer to live in the area is rather barren, but sufficient water intake.

Requirements to be a kind of plant is able to absorb nutrients .... from animals or insects that are dead and have the power to do any action adaptation of the entrapment of prey

Darlingtonia californica had a valve with a slightly transparent color when the light hit the valve and it would be difficult to detect potential prey, ...... after the entry of insects or small reptiles will be difficult to get out of Valve Plant Darlingtonia californica

There are over 600 species of 15 genera belonging to the carnivorous plant, Nepenthes or Pouch Semar was carnivorous plant species with the highest number approximately 103, more than 60% is both Carnivore.


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