03 September 2012

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Women try to persuade their men to put a to war in this fusion of comedy and from director, screenwriter, and actress Nadine Labaki. Amale (Labaki) runs a cafĂ© in a small Lebanese where the local women, both Christian and Muslim, get together to talk, swap ideas, and share grief as the number who’ve lost sons or husbands in frequent skirmishes continues to grow. The fighting between religious and political factions has been going on for years, and one day Amale and her friends Afaf (Layla Hakim), Saydeh (Antoinette Noufaily), Takla (Claude Baz Moussawbaa), and Yvonne (Yvonne Maalouf) decide it’s time to stop talking about the fighting and do something to bring it to a halt. The local women join forces to distract their men, convinced if they put their minds on other things they won’t worry so much about killing. Their efforts range from serving hashish-laced baked goods at a community get-together to hiring Ukrainian dancers to off their charms to the menfolk. After a young man is killed in a gun battle, the women realize they need to take a stronger stand if they intend to make their home safe again; meanwhile, Christian Amale unwittingly strikes a blow for religious unity when she falls for handsome Muslim Rabih (Julien Farhat). Et Maintenant On Va Ou? (aka Where Do We Go Now?) won the People’s Choice Award at the 2011 Toronto International Film .

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