03 September 2012

of American fire ants???

The United States was not only exporting its culture to the rest of the world including Asia. A study found that fire ants (Solenopsis Invicta) growing in Asia also came from the United States.

Originally, biting ants are from South America. New in the 1930's, the fire ants pushed north. And the last 20 years, fire ants have also colonized countries in Asia-Pacific such as China, Taiwan, Australia and New Zealand.

His research is certainly not because it is impossible to interview semutnya. Research conducted through genetic studies reported a team in the journal Science, on Friday, February 25, 2011 this.

Although originating from South America, but the researchers confirmed that developed in Asia are descendants of fire ants in the news lately in the United States, said Marina Ascunce, of the Florida Museum of Natural History, University of Florida.

"I used to think, at least one of the populations in the newly infected are from South America, but all of the genetic data showed the closest source is the fire ant from the southern United States."

"By knowing where they come from, biological control would be more focused," Ascunce said. "We also can improve the control source or key transport routes," he said.

Genetic data was obtained from the ants from a colony of 2,144 spread across 75 geographic regions. The conclusion obtained in a series of tests to determine the origin of the fire ants.

Transport is the answer of this phenomenon. Larry Gilbert, Director Brackenridge Field Laboratory, University of Texas, stated, some insect invaders were brought to the United States through trade.

"So, it is ironic when one of the insects that carry over to the United States and a port for them out into the world," said Gilbert commented on the results of the study, told The Associated Press.


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