01 September 2012

research is

Research or study is often described as a process of investigation undertaken by an active, diligent, and systematic, which aims to discover, interpret, and revising facts. This intellectual investigation produces a greater knowledge of an event, behavior, theory, and law, as well as opportunities for the practical application of knowledge. The term is also used to describe a collection of comprehensive information about a particular subject, and is usually associated with the results of a science or the scientific method. The word is absorbed from the English word research derived from French which literally means "thoroughly investigated".

Kriteria riset yang baik untuk bidang sains dan teknologi

Sebuah riset yang baik akan menghasilkan:
  1. Produk atau inovasi baru yang dapat langsung dipakai oleh industri (bukan hanya sebatas purwarupa)
  2. Paten
  3. Publikasi di jurnal internasional


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