28 November 2012

Recipe AND HOW TO Nasi Goreng and yellow rice

How to Make Fried Rice Recipe Yellow:1. Onions pulverized-grind in a pestle and mortar until alus2. Heated cooking oil and stir-fry seasoning3. Enter fried fish with cold white rice and stir until evenly mixed.4. After mateng sprinkle chips or crackers, fried onions, cucumber slices, fried anchovies, and so on according to your wishes.Yellow Rice RecipeRecipes, cooking yellow rice makes a delicious, delicious, delicious, delicious and nutritious:Yellow Rice Recipe Ingredients:1. Rice = 1 kg2. Glutinous rice = 1 Ounce3. Kaffir lime leaf = 2 pieces4. Air grated turmeric = taste6. Mesoyi = 1 knuckles7. Yellow rice seasoning ready-made and ready to use = to taste8. Coconut milk = 1 point9. Garem = taste according to your tastesFree How to Make Yellow Rice Recipe:1. Cook the rice yellow rice as usual but water use coconut husk with other spices.2. Before entering the waiting coconut rice boiling remove the oil.


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