02 February 2013

way of life eternal (not dead), new human not dead

 British secret agent "frozen" while waiting for the future in which rival waking from a long hibernation in the ice to again threaten the world. That time came in 1997. Secret agent is brought back after preserved in ice for 30 years to save the world from destruction.

Maybe you recognize the above scenario is in the movie "Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery" (1997). The science that inspired the story of the film was really there. Science is called cryogenics, the science of learning about what happens to materials at very low temperatures. Krionika, which is a technique used to preserve the human body at very low temperatures in the hope of one day be raised again, this time being dikembangakn. The idea behind krionika if someone is "dead" due to her illness, she can be "frozen" to then be raised again in the future when medical technology has been able to cure the disease. Someone is preserved in such a way is said to be in a state of suspension krionika.
Scientists managed to find four genes 'Father Time' which determines how fast the human aging as well as which parts control. These genes turn on and off based on environmental factors and lifestyle or have been programmed from the beginning.

Researchers believe, knowing how these genes work will lead to a new generation of anti-aging medicine.
"We found that epigenetic changes related to the nature of the age.

Using the knowledge that we can, we can lbih understand the biological mechanisms, "said Dr. Jordana Bell of King's College London.

On the other hand, as reported by the DM, the college's director, Professor Tim Spector said, the results of this study provide the first view of the potential to search for genes related to aging and how to modify

Stages to undergo suspension krionika:
1. Being a member of a krionika facility and pay the membership fee (around $ 400 per year).

2. Declared "legally dead".

3. The emergency response team of the facility come to you, your body is stabilized by supplying oxygen through the blood to your brain in sufficient quantities to maintain the function of the brain at least until the time comes for you to be moved to a facility suspension.

4. Your body will be wrapped in ice and injected heparin (a type of anticoagulant / anti-clotting) to prevent your blood clot on his way to krionika facility. A group of medical team waiting for your body at the facility.

5. Once you arrive at the facility cryogenic "freezing" really begin. Cryogenics facility can not just put their patients into the container of liquid nitrogen because it will cause the water contained cells frozen. Tim krionika should remove water from the cells of your body first and replace it with a chemical compound called glycerol-based cryoprotectant (sort of compound antipembekuan human body).

6. The next step is to enter your body which is then placed into a large metal tank containing liquid nitrogen at a temperature of around-196oC. Your body is stored with the head-down position.

7. Because the cost is very expensive, giving scientists the only economical way to preserve your brain. With the hope that one day technology found a way to clone your body that are not preserved.


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