31 July 2012

benefits of wheat


Not unlike the Rice / Rice (the main food of Southeast Asia), wheat is one source of "carbs", only Rice (Nasi) contains "glucose" (Elements of Sugar / Sweet) higher than wheat. Also in every 100 grams of wheat, contained 3.1 mg iron and 36 mg calcium, substances are very useful to cure some diseases.

In the compound there is a grain of wheat "Folic Acid" which can be useful to reduce or even cure the disease "Coronary Heart", oats also contain "phytic acid" that can protect the body from Colon Cancer (colon) to be developed.
And in addition it also contains antioxidants that can bind to free radicals so Ion Ion is not harmful to the entire human body.

Nutrition Experts from around the world also agreed that "Wheat fiber has an The High", where the fiber is efficacious "Feces" Man and binding "Cholesterol, Fat and Bile Acids". For those who have the disease Cholesterol ranging from LOW to the HIGH, it is advisable to consume food preparations of Wheat "The Routine" and carried out continuously.
Fiber found in wheat also makes it feel full faster and longer, because that's very good for eating wheat & Diet Program "Lose Weight", ...... Satiety longer will make the desire to eat can be reduced, thus the use of carbohydrates in the body can do the maximum and not a chance in Carbohydrates turn into "fat" are often harmful to health.

                whole wheat bread


Dr. Joanne Slavin of the Department of Food Science and Nutrition at the University of Minnesota, U.S. wheat states help to shape the body is better because it contains low-fat variety of nutrients that could enrich the daily diet, such as complex carbohydrates, dietary fiber, vegetable protein, phytochemicals, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. In every 100 grams of wheat contained 3.1 mg of iron and 36 mg of calcium a useful, among other things, cure coronary heart disease and high blood pressure.
Research Effect of Cholesterol Levels Against Oatmeal (1999) showed that consumption of 70 grams of oatmeal on a daily basis can bind cholesterol and remove it from the body.

American Cancer Society research being, suggesting that oatmeal is a soluble fiber can lower "LDL cholesterol" without lowering HDL cholesterol. Although there is a faster pharmacological therapy for lowering LDL, but therapy is more healthy and whole grain cereals with no side effects. Oatmeal also has a low index glikemi.
According to the study, 50 percent of women aged over 20 years to meet the nutritional needs of essential kinds of calcium, folic acid, vitamin B6, vitamin A and E, and iron by eating wheat. Cereals containing vitamin A, D, calcium which is useful for bone health, and energy enhancer of iron and vitamin B, and folic acid, and vitamin E.

Wheat is processed into bread has sugar content of the LOW (low) compared to other carbohydrate sources, the content of substances in the blood sugar is the potential to cause disease "Diabetes".
Eating bread made from wheat seeds as carbohydrates are highly recommended for those who have had Indicate the disease.


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