14 July 2012

contoh makalah TEKNIK KOMUNIKASI

Once we know what communication, forms of communication, communication processes and others, then we should also be able to apply and communicate that well. And also need to know how the techniques of communication itself. Hopefully with these communication techniques that we use can be said to be a good communication and right.
a. Communication informative (informative communication).b. Persuasive Communication (persuasive communikation).c. Communication pervasive (pervasive communikation).d. Communication instructive (intructive communication).e. Coercive Communication (coersive communication).f. Human relations (humen relations).
 Informative
Informative, namely that people who want to communicate to understand and know what is conveyed or uttered by a communicator. This communication is to inform, to be explained. While the lighting should be educational, stimulative, and persuasive. Meanwhile, in a large dictionary is the information itself is light, information, notification of news or news about something. Ling the overall meaning of the message of support seen in the parts of the mandate.
 Persuasive
Persuasive, namely nagar to communicate with others who are willing to accept any ideology or belief, and want to do something acts or activities and others. Persuasive communication is a technique that is human nature pesikologis smooth, supple form of solicitation, enticement or seduction. But communication is only used to potential communicants only, meaning that the ranks of the leaders who have promoted or anah fruit in abundance so apabika he successfully changed its nature or ideology, follow the whole range.

Persuasive Communication will be very effective. That would happen if the reduction of dissonance. But otherwise if the dissonance that enhanced the persuasive communication is likely to be ineffective. And it's very persuasive communication requires an understanding of a communicator. Persuasive is also the kind of thing or a very convincing hoax.

In a large dictionary persuasive means of communication subtly persuasive (to be sure) just by the way it's done approach. While the meaning of persuasion is subtle persuasion, call someone by giving reasons and prospects are assured Bauk.
 PervasivePervasive means merembas or pervasive. That is the nature of communication can make a person feel and take in a communication faced at that time and at any given time. So that people can be reminded constantly as communications obtained sudak stick and permeate the brain or his thoughts.
 CoerciveCoercive means a Pemaksan which will mostly manifest in the result of a negative outcome. Regarding the nature of coercion. Coercion is sos form of accommodation that the process is done or carried out by mempergunakkan pressure so that one party is dikeadaan weakly interacting than the opponent. And a communication system that uses force or violence.
 instructiveInstructive is a command that is threatening. But it contains a threat that can make a person to do his bidding. Is instructive reign, his admonitions style. Sedangka is meant by instruction is a command or direction (to do a job or perform a task, and it is lessons and instructions.
 Human Relations
Human relationships is the translation of human relations, there are also those that translate into "human relations" and "human relationships", which really is not that wrong because unlike the related ordinary people communicate, not only is the delivery of a message by one person to another , but the relationship between the people who communicate it contains the elements of a very deep psychological. Human relationship of communication because it is said to be action oriented, containing an activity to change the attitudes, opinions, or behavior.

Human relations in a broad sense is the interaction between a person with other people in all circumstances and in all areas of life. Thus, human relationships can be carried anywhere to be like, at home, on the street, on the bus, and so on. While human relationships in the strict sense is the interaction between a person and another person. However, the interaction here is the situation in the organization of work and workmanship (work organization).

The techniques in human relations can be done to eliminate communication barriers, abolish misconceptions, and develop constructive in terms of the nature of human nature. So that it says RFMaier in his principle of human relations.

In a high degree of intensity, human relationship to cure people suffering from frustration. Someone who suffers frustrating it can be seen from his behavior, no one likes brooding melancholy, limp helpless, hopeless, exile, seeking a pretext to cover up lack ability, seek kopensasi, fantasize, or act childish Canaan. So this is where the importance of human relationships. And he should be able to bring people from the problem situation to problem solving behavior.

In the normal human relationships there is a way to techniques that can be used to help those who suffer from frustration, ie the so-called counseling (because there is no appropriate Indonesian word, can Indonesianized into counseling). Which acts as a counselor (counselor) can head the organization, the head of public relations, or other heads (head of department, section, etc.).

The purpose of counseling is to help the counselee (counselee), ie, employees who have problems or who suffer from frustration, to solve the problem yourself or seek the creation of atmosphere that raises the courage to solve the problem.

In the normal human relationship, there are two types of counseling, depending on the approach (approach) were performed. There are two types of counseling is directive counseling are:1. direct counseling
directive counseling or direct counseling is sometimes referred to as counselor centered approach, ie the approach conseling centered counselor. In this technique as the main activities counselor is a counselor. First of all counselors strive to occur close relationship that put their trust in him counselee. Next he asks questions in order to gather information. The information is trying memehami problems overwhelm counselee.

For nebgetahui diagonisnya appropriate, the counselor must understand the problems associated with the fact that problem. If the counselee suggests the difficulty, he should be certain that that is the problem faced by the counselee. Counselors must truly understand the information she got it so it can do the interpretation. Haya if he understands and can do the interpretation, he will be able to provide advice and suggestions to the counselee. Terms of suggestion is trust. Counselee will be subject to a suggestion that she put her trust in the counselor: if the counselor has the advantage of experience and knowledge of the counselee, and if the counselor behavior counselor.
2. Indirect counseling
non-directive counseling or counseling indirectly counselee centered aproach, a centralized approach to the counselee. This type can be used by counselors who do not have deep knowledge about pesikologi. Compared with the counselor centered approach of traditional counseling, the counselee aproach centered counseling more effective in helping a person suffering from frustration. In this type of counseling, the main activity lies in the counselee, while counselee counselor just trying to find it easy to lead himself. Counselees helped to feel himself free to express his heart, and so on.

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