14 July 2012

Cabang-Cabang Ilmu Komunikasi

Communication sciences are sciences that support the implementation of the mission, the branches of science communication a lot, but we are here just raised two namely, Communication Studies Public Speaking and Presentation, because of our limitations in the search for material sciences communication other.
Science communication is very supportive in peyampaian propaganda, for delivery how to load, easy to understand, respond to correct feedback, manggunakan relevant password.
Public speaking includes planning and implementation process of talking / speaking in front of people in a forum, so that what has been achieved goals in the set.

Definition of communication
The term communication or communication in English comes from the Latin communicotio, and comes from the word communis which means common. Same here is the same meaning.
So, if there are two people involved in kounikasi, for example in the form of a conversation, the communication to take place as long as there is a common sense regarding the discussed. The similarity of the language used may not necessarily lead to similarity of meaning. In other words, do not necessarily understand the language to understand the meaning of language that brought it. Communicative if the conversations said both of his, other than to understand the language, also understands the meaning of Dair material on saying.
Komunikas importance for the social, cultural, educational, and political've disari by cendikianwan since Aristotle. however, Aristotle is only about the rhetoric in a small environment. Only in the mid-20th century when the world feels smaller due to the industrial revolution and the revolution of electronic tegnolog, after the discovery of fire ships, airplanes, electricity, telephone, newspapers, movies, radio, television, and so on, then paracendikiawan century now realize the importance of improved communication of knowledge into science knowledge scienc.
According to Carl I. Hovland, communication science dalah: the effort to formulate a strong sestemaits principles informing and forming opinions and attitudes.
To understand the meaning so that it can effectively dilancar, Komuikasi enthusiasts often cite the proposed paradigm Harold Laswell. Lasswell said that communication includes five elements namely:

- Communicators
- Messages
- Media
- Communicants
- Effects
So, based on the paradigm Lasswell, communication is the process by penyapaian message to the communicant communicator through media that any particular effect.
Like the other sciences, communication sciences also investigate communication symptoms. Not only is the approach antologis (what it komunasi) but also aksilogis (how the ongoing effective communication) and epistemologically (for what it dilaksanaka communication).

2. Communication Process
Komunikas process is divided into two phases, namely the primary and scunder.
The process of communication is the primary
The process of communication is the primary penyampayan process thoughts and feelings to other people by using the symbol as a medium. The symbol is the language, gesture, gestures, images, color and so forth.
b. The process of communication is secondary.
Secondary communication process is prosses delivery of messages by one person to another by using a tool or as a means of both media after taking the first symbol after the media.
A communicator using both in launching communications media because communicants as the target was at the relatively distant or numerous. Letters. Telephone, telex, newspapers, magazines, radio, television, movies, and many more are the two media are often used in communication.
Development of Communication

In recent years the importance of communication in Indonesia and noticed, this is because communication is the development tools, integration tools, power tools, and for that communication is important to note, lived, and understood by everyone. Especially for the organizers of development, because they are more dealing and associated with development practitioners and the wider community.

With the advancement of science and technology the world is increasingly under challenge and test of progress, including advances in the field of communication. Due to advances in science and technology and modernization, there will be a very powerful explosion is an explosion of information. This happens karenaselain increasing new discoveries in science, also caused the emergence of needs. New needs and new impulses in society. The information revolution due to the rapid advances in science and technology. This will obviously take a big influence in your life and the lives of people both directly and indirectly langsug. In Indonesia due to vibration waves that reach the information wacky lighting rural areas, people today have started to critical and not easily besotted. It will add a positive and significant impact in implementing national development associated with the development and progress of communication.

Product Technology
Various technologies have been applied in the community, especially in the big cities in the various dimensions of life everyday communication, both in terms of interpersonal communication, mass communication, or other.

From the point of function, the classification of the various technologies and media based on the use as follows:

Mass Communication
Seen rapid advances radio and audiovisual technology implementation. The development, mainly thanks to technology and transistor radios minaturasi plane. Technological advances in the field of black and white television to color television. As with radio, then television is not considered a luxury anymore. Further developments are keantena parabola, even though inefficient, and generally can not capture the satellites except palapa. (Regarding this palapa uruiannya can be read in Domestic. "Widjaja. Hlm. 107-110). Print media is also progressing with better technology and telecommunications smoother. News becomes faster, the photo was published most recently, sharp prints, and various special cargo began to receive attention. Progress print media is not secapat advances radio and audiovisual technology.

Private Media
In the private media, the most prominent cassette technology. The emergence of mass media, especially tape can be used for entertainment, not information. The specialty tapes is in its more familiar, as well as a video tape. Both of these tools, both cassette and video tapes have a wide range of influences and in the community. Video affect the existence of other media such as film (cinema).

Interpersonal Media
Technology-mediated communication (mediated communication) more widely used in the interpersonal communication behavior. The phone is supported by an increasingly sophisticated support tools, including recorders equipped or supported / replaced by other means of communication such as via telex.

Social Communications Anonymous
In the field of social communication between people we know radio (CB). CB than a tool for communication between personal mediated, it can also be used as a means of social communication. This communication (anonymous) No strings attached except to fill the time.

Media Announcement
Technology communication system (public address system) has its own functions and new roles. In places of worship using a variety of announcements and dissemination of information to the congregation and community, and her voice can dominate the environment. However, this can affect the form of social tension in society, especially in a heterogeneous society.

Today, the family home and offices that have no use for communication tools such AIPHONE anatar officers and family members. Such technologies will certainly reduces direct communication and close relationship, especially if the instrument is one-way.
From the descriptions, it can take a look at a few things in this communication technologies, among others:
These various alternative ways available to communicate, so the more options for communicating opportunities.
Possible diversity of information communication technology so as to meet the needs of the community.

All of that is certainly having an impact, either positive or negative, but in the end returned to the man himself as stakeholders.

3. Public Speaking
Speech or English term called public speaking, in essence speaking in public, either directly or indirectly. Directly within the meaning of the speaker directly communicate face to face (face to face) to attend. However, the speech can also be done indirectly, speaking through the media for public consumption. In this case the message communication or material transmitted speech from the speaker to the audience through the mass media. Speech, whether slim or not, is basically an oral communication (oral communication) in which a communicator or convey thoughts and feelings to a listener for specific purposes in accordance with his will.
Tips Create and deliver compelling presentations that Nice and Attractive
To create and present a nice presentation and interesting, there are several factors you need to consider, namely:
1. Presentation creation application selection
2. Planning presentation
3. Mastery of the technical aspects
4. His presentation techniques
1. Selection of Application Development Presentations
Today, presentation-making applications are divided into several categories. The main difference is owned by each type of application is generally located in the generated output files and media presentations accommodated by presenting relevant applications. Category type, output files, and media presentation presentations include:
a. Applications Office
Suggested the use of office applications for document creation is fast and practical presentation, the presentation short and concise. Integrity Office applications allows the presentation of charts, tables, and data can be done easily. Flexibility presentation of the output file is very high, given the generally every computer has an office application in it. Microsoft PowerPoint is an example application that is commonly used for this purpose.
b. Multimedia Applications
Suggested the use of multimedia applications for document creation, interactive presentations, automatic and powerful attraction. The use of effects, animation, graphic objects, as well as audio and video materials to be more optimal if strung through the application of this type. Flexibility serving slightly limited output presentation. Generally, the resulting output file requires the application of certain aids to support the presentation. This can be overcome by always preparing renderer source multimedia player on the packaging presentation module. Macromedia Flash, an example application is commonly used for this purpose.
c. Application Documentation
Use of this application is recommended for manufacturing documentation presentation documents with detailed and comprehensive material. Applications of this type are able to maintain consistency in appearance and provides superior precision protection on the document content. Flexibility presentation of the output file is very high, even be multi platform (can be accessed from a variety of operating systems). Moreover, the output files can be securely exchanged and presented through several methods (eg via the internet). Tools such as Adobe Acrobat PDF Maker, or an HTML editor such as Microsoft FrontPage are several alternatives that you can use applications.
Based on the output, and media presentations are supported by a presentation on the type of application, you can predict which application best suits the needs of your presentation document creation.
2. Planning Presentation
Planning presentation documents is the most basic thing you need to prepare. Some of them are:
a. Determine the theme and purpose of the Specific
Although you are allowed to draw up a document presenting a very comprehensive content for various purposes, but this is not recommended. Make sure you have a separate presentation documents with the theme, purpose and mission, as well as target specific audience his presentation.
b. Arrange Presentation Framework
Like the plan to a paper that outlined in an outline, then a good presentation should have a framework material as outlined in the presentation points. Arrange the main points of the presentation, estimate the number and coherence of your slides, including the consideration of the need for supporting references.
c. Collect Main and Supporting Materials
Collection of materials you can prepare from scratch. You can begin to summarize the material resources that you will pour. Choose a collection of image files, audio, or video as objects support. Prepare charts, graphs, and supporting data if needed.
d. Determine the Right Presentation Builder Application
Based on the planning framework and a collection of materials that you have prepared in the beginning, then you can choose the right presentation making application for casting your presentation. Reread the tip at the beginning to make sure.
e. Benefit Application Support
Innovations in the field of software today is very diverse. You can use certain applications for specific uses. Basically, you prepare the final output through supporting application you can always integrate into a slide presentation. In addition to support for the preparation of applications utilizing the material, you should also equip themselves with various assistive applications for his presentation.
f. Determine Output Fit Needs
Specify the output end of your presentation based on the considerations that have been reviewed in the beginning. If possible, choose the output end of the most versatile, so you can easily present, exported, or convert the output format to the other if necessary.
3. Mastery of Technical Aspects
Besides mastering aspects of making a documentary presentation by a particular application, it would be ideal if you also understand various matters relating to the technical aspects about his presentation. Some of them are about the devices required in presenting a presentation, supporting devices to choose from, as well as techniques used. A few things you should understand only between the following:
a. Selection of Computer Parts
The role of the computer is very dominant renderer for a smooth presentation session. Consideration of the selection of computing devices such as the technical specifications of your computer, type of computer, complete the attached device technology, as well as the operating system and supporting applications in it.
b. Election Media Store
Media store are not only limited to the hard drive in your PC. Consider the terms of portability, flexibility, and mobility of storage media for your presentation documents. Consider the use of pieces of optical disks, USB Flash Memory, or even a network server or internet hosting.
c. Selection of Display Devices
The device displays the presentation is not only limited to the OHP. Consider the use of LCD Projector, DLP Projector, or Dual / Multi Monitor for presentation. Specify the type of screen that best suits your needs.
d. The Election Support
Adequate sound system is absolutely necessary for his presentation. Determine the type of device that is flexible yet sound system capable of optimal. Consider also the use of a laser pointer to assist your presentation session. Provide camera on the presentation space for your documentation purposes, especially if you want to redistribute moments are pretty important presentation for your colleagues.
4. Presentation Presentation Techniques
No matter how good your presentation, complete any presentation device available, all will be in vain if the technique is not pulling his presentation. Some tips that we provide include:
a. Master the techniques Presentation Presentation
Discover specific techniques, such as how serving a presentation with multiple monitors, how to temporarily hide the slide presentation to distract the audience from the screen to your conversation, including how to package the presentation slides to run automatically or can be accessed via the Internet.
b. Simulate your presentation as often as may be
If necessary, use a timer facility available on the app renderer presentation to ensure timely exposure of each slide of your presentation.
c. Serving Presentation Complete With Additional Material
You can print and distribute the handout sheet, distributing CD presentation materials, or even include support materials for the audience. This can minimize the outbreak of audience attention because they have to record the points and your exposure, avoid not capture most of the material you are presenting presentations, and of course be one of the distribution medium for presenting the vision and mission of your presentation.

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