16 July 2012

Nuclear test

Nuclear test is an experiment using nuclear weapons to find out the actual destructive power (not just theoretical), which can also be a showcase of national power (see North Korea's nuclear weapons program ).
United States successfully detonated a hydrogen bomb named his first nickname "Mike" ["m" for megaton], at the atoll Eniwetok , Marshall Islands , 1 November 1952 .
Soviet Union 58 megaton hydrogen bomb detonated on Novaya Zemlya on October 30 1961(still the largest nuclear device ever detonated until now).
There are about 2000 times the nuclear detonation:
Peter Kuran documentary Trinity and Beyond (1996) may be the first documentation of the history of nuclear testing, and incorporate good agreement over a length which is rare in the U.S. trials, Soviet, and Tiong Bete as interviews with key figures in the U.S. pilot program .
Preparation of an underground nuclear test in Nevada in the 1980s .

The design of well-known test

edit ]U.S.

The U.S. has conducted several nuclear tests in places like the Nevada Test Site , Pacific Test Site , Alaska and even Farmington, New Mexico .

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