08 July 2012


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Hyginus , Ovidius , and Hesiodos make a version where the killing Orion is Gaia , Mother Earth. There are two reasons why Gaia to kill Orion. The first is that Orion boasted and felt better than Artemis or Leto. Gaia is not pleased with what he had to send a giant scorpion, Skorpio to reply pride Orion. The second version is, Skorpio and his mother tried to attack Artemis. Orion protecting it and said there is no creature which he could not kill. Gaia then ordered to kill Orion Skorpio snob. Both of these stories end with Zeus who was impressed by the courage with Orion and Artemis lifted into the sky. However, also be placed next to the Orion constellation Scorpio as a warning to humanity that is not overbearing. Therefore, if the constellation Scorpio is visible, then the constellation Orion will fade.
Another version of Artemis and Orion Hyginus was in love over time and Orion ventured to propose to her. Artemis blinded by love that he takes for granted Orion's proposal without trying to listen to commemorate Apollo (Apollo warned in recent versions of Artemis because he is a lover Eos ). But Artemis was too deaf to medengarkan Apollo is finally frustrated and try another way to avoid marriage Artemis and Orion. Apollo asks Gaia to send a scorpion chasing Orion until he went into the sea. Apollo then challenged to show capabilities Artemis shot him. Without a second thought because of his arrogance, Artemis shot a black object in the middle of the sea until the waves carry Orion's body to the mainland. Artemis is grieved and wept and put it in the sky. To retaliate, Artemis killed Koronis , lover Apollo.

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