08 July 2012


Polifemos is one Kiklops in Greek mythology . He is the son of the god Poseidon andThoosa . Polifemos is strong but stupid creatures. He lived in a cave on an island with his sheep. On the island are also living a few Kiklops .

edit ]Polifemos and Odisseus

Polifemos appear in Odisseia work Homeros . On the way home to Ithaka after the Trojan War , Odisseus and his entourage arrived at the island Polifemos. They came to the cave dwelling Polifemos. Polifemos home and he locked them in a cave with a stone placed in front of the entrance, also takes some of the men Odisseus. Odisseus then devise a plan to escape. He said the Polifemos that his name is "nobody", and gave him wine to drink. When Polifemos sleep, Odisseus and his men took a flaming stick and sharpen the edges and prick the only eye with a stick Polifemos so Polifemos be unable to see. In his suffering Polifemos shout Kiklops other. When they asked what had happened, Polifemos said that no one is hurt, so that the left Kiklops Polifemos.
The next morning the sheep Polifemos issued from the cave and back memriksa each sheepto make sure no one escaped. However, Odisseus and his dependent under the sheep so they can get out. When Polifemos realize that Odisseus escaped. The Kiklops asked him what happened, and he said, "No one is hurt" and the Kiklops went away again. After Odisseus in his boat again, he cried out to Polifemos that he, Odisseuslah who has blinded him. As he went Odisseus Polifemos mocking. Polifemos very angry and threw stones at them but not on the ship Odisseus. Then he pleaded with his father, Poseidon , to avenge. Polifemos pleaded that all men must die and that Odisseus Odisseus only be returned to Ithaka after ten years. All of that becomes a reality, as told in Odisseia .


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