11 July 2012

Samira Ibrahim

Samira Ibrahim (Arabic: سميرة إبراهيم‎, IPA: [sæˈmiːɾæ ebɾˤɑˈhiːm]) is a 24-year-old activist fighting for women’s rights in Egypt. On March 9, 2011, she participated in a sit-in at Tahrir Square in Cairo. The military violently dispersed protest participants, and Samira and other women were beaten, given electric shocks, strip searched, and video taped by the soldiers. They were also subjected to virginity tests. The tests were allegedly carried out to protect the soldiers from claims of rape.
After succeeding in placing the case in front of a civilian court, a court order was issued in December 2011 to stop the practice of “virginity tests”. However in March 2012, a military court exonerated Dr. Adel El Mogy from charges laid in connection with the virginity testing of Ibrahim.[1][2]
Ibrahim vowed to take her case to the international courts.[3]

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