30 July 2012


Batik is a trend now, but it's either not many people who know how to care for batik clothes, so the color is preserved, following a number of ways laternatif batik pet care.

When washing, use detergent specifically for batik fabrics are sold in the market,
Batik cloth or wash with hair shampoo, shampoo previously dissolved in water until thickened and parts, and then dip the batik cloth.
Wash batik can also use the fruit or leaves of plants dilemn lerak soaked in warm water, how to squeeze squeezed fruit and leaves glued lerak until foaming, then add warm water, and ready to wash batik, fruit aroma lerak able to prevent the emergence of small animals which can damage the fabric.
When you wash your batik please do not use detergent and do not rub, if batik is too dirty, just soak it with warm water, but if it is dirty, such as food stains can be removed with soap or orange skin, the way simply by rubbing orange peel soap atu section are dirty.
You should not wash your batik with washer
We will leave them wet btik not have to be squeezed, and do not leave them at the moment lansgung scorching sun, a shady place jemurlah slowly so that the fiber is folded back into position.
When the drying section of the edge of batik pull slowly so that the fiber is folded back into position
If it is dried directly avoid ironing batik, batik tampat if very matted spray a little water over a piece of batik cloth and put a cloth on top, freshly ironed.
If you want to give perfumes or fabric softeners on batik, do semprotkn directly on the fabric, should cover the first batik with newspaper, then semprotkn directly on the fabric. Should cover the first batik with newspaper, LLU spray the deodorant and fabric softener was on the paper.
Do not spray perfume or fragrance oils directly onto cloth batik, especially batik silk with natural dyes, batik store in plastic so your pet does not eat moths, stored in a closet when not to be camphor, because the solid is very loud and can damage the batik.
Once a month remove the batik in a storage closet, wind wind for 1 hour. Clean the cabinets and use a base of bread as the base cabinets, do not use newspaper the ink can damage the batik.
Another way to batik being eaten by moths, give a little pepper wrapped in tissue in the cabinet with the batik, or put fragrant roots which are two times through the process of immersion in hot IAR and dried in the sun to dry.

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