10 August 2012

Elizabeth Bathory - ruthless killer in the history of the world

Elizabeth Bathory (Bathory Erzsebet in Hungary, Alžbeta Bátoriová (-Nádasdy) in Slovakia, Elzbieta Batory in Polish, born August 7, 1560 - died August 21, 1614 at age 54 years), are countess Bathory family of Hungary. This family is remembered for his defense against the Ottomans. He is known as a serial killer in Hungarian and Slovak history and is remembered as Bloody Csejte Women (now Čachtice). Čachtice palace is where he spent his life. After his death, he and his four aides were accused of torturing and killing hundreds of young women, with at least as many as 650 victims. In 1610, he was imprisoned in the Palace Čachtice and spent his life there. Bathory was born in Hungary year 1560, approximately 100 years after Vlad "The Impaler" Dracul died. My great-grandfather was Prince Stephen Bathory Elizabeth Bathory who was one of the Knights, who led troops Vlad Dracul when he seized power in Walachia back a century earlier.

Elizabeth was born of George and Anna Bathory spouse who is a wealthy nobleman and one of the wealthiest aristocratic families in Hungary at that time. Extended family also consists of prominent people. One cousin is the prime minister in Hungary, another is the Cardinal. Her uncle Stephan later became King of Poland. But the Bathory family has 'the other' more 'darker' than all the wealth and popularity. Mentioned that one of another uncle was a Satanist worshiper, and the other a cousin who likes to have psychiatric disorders and sexual crimes.

In 1575, at the age of 15 years Elizabeth married Count Ferenc Nádasdy is 10 years older than him. Because her husband came from the lower nobility, the Count Ferenc Bathory Nádasdy using the name behind him. Elizabeth still use the family name and not a Nádasdy Bathory. The second couple then lived in the Palace Čachtice, which is a castle in the mountains to the valley below the village Čachtice. Elizabeth accompanied her husband rarely due to Count Ferenc more often in the battle against the Ottoman Turks (Ottoman Empire). Ferenc later became famous for his bravery on the battlefield, even considered a hero in Hungary with the nickname 'Black Hero of Hungary ".

Elizabeth Young of course always feel lonely because her husband is always left behind. Mentioned he has a habit of admiring her beauty, and then have many mistresses who served during the husband was not in place. Elizabeth even had to run away with his mistress, but then come back and forgave her husband. But it will not reduce sexual satisfaction Elizabeth addiction. Elizabeth also mentioned being a bisexual with lesbian intercourse with her ​​aunt, Countess Klara Bathory.

Elizabeth then began to be affected by Satanism taught by Dorothea Szentes, commonly called Dorka, one of his closest servants. Because of the influence of Dorka, Elizabeth began to like sexual gratification through torture has done to other servants of the young. Besides Dorka, Elizabeth assisted several ministers closest are: Sisters Iloona Joo, a waiter and a waitress Johaness Ujvari woman named Anna Darvula, which doubles as a lover of Elizabeth.

Together with the crew of his S & M, Elizabeth changed Čachtice Palace became the center of terror and sexual torture. The young girl who became the servant tortured with various forms of torture such as tied, stripped and whipped, and also use various tools to harm certain body parts.
In 1600, Ferenc died and the era of real terror begins. Entering the age of 40 years, Elizabeth realized that her beauty began to fade. His skin began to show signs of aging and wrinkles are actually common in that age. But Elizabeth is a devotee of perfection and beauty, and she will do anything to maintain her beauty. One time a woman ministry who was combing her hair accidentally pulled her hair too hard. Elizabeth is angry and slapped the poor girl. Blood gushing from her nose and on the palm of her hand. At that Elizabeth mentioned 'suspect and believe' that the blood of young girls emit light of their youth. He immediately ordered his servant, Johannes Ujvari and Dorka strip the girl, pulling up the tub and cut his veins. When the girl died from blood loss, Elizabeth immediately mesuk into the tub and soak in the pools of blood. He found what he believes as 'Ageless Secret'.

When the ministers of his youth was dead, Elizabeth began to recruit young girls in villages around it to be a servant in the castle. They are all the same fate, tied on top of the tub and then they cut off the lifeblood of their blood to drip out into the bathtub. Elizabeth often soak in the pool of blood as he watched the blood dripping dying victim to death. Elizabeth occasionally even drink the blood of the girls to get what he calls the 'inner beauty'.

Eventually, Elizabeth felt that the blood of the girl is still lacking for him. After which he got a better quality of blood, the girl's blood Elizabeth petty nobility. He then carried out the kidnapping of aristocratic girls to be victims. But it backfired for him. The loss of aristocratic girls to quickly get attention among the nobility, influential people, until the King himself. Dated December 30, 1610, troops led by György Thurzó, who is Elizabeth's own cousin, raided Castle Čachtice in the evening. They were all surprised to see the sights they found in the Castle Čachtice. Pale corpse of a girl who bled to lay on the table, the other one is still alive but dying was found tied to a pole with both her veins slashed to shed blood. At the prison found a dozen girls who were detained awaiting their turn killed. Later in the basement was found more than 50 bodies, mostly already started to rot.

At least 650 names listed in the trial of Elizabeth Bathory in 1611. The names were obtained based on reports from various parties. Starting from farming families to the nobility. Elizabeth was never brought to court for trial directly. Only four waiters who were tried and later executed. King of Hungary ordered Elizabeth locked in his room at the Palace Čachtice during the rest of his life. The workers then deployed to close all doors and windows of the living room with a wall Elizabeth, leaving only a small hole that used to include food and beverages.

1614, or 4 years after Elizabeth was isolated by the wall in his room, a guard saw the food served to Elizabeth is not touched during the day. The guard then peeked in and saw the Countess lying face down with his face on the floor. Elizabeth "The Blood Countess" Bathory died at the age of 54 years on August 21, 1614.


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