29 August 2012


Diameter is the distance between the outline of the circle to the other edge of the circle line to pass through the center of the circle. So in other words if you divide a circle right in the middle then you will get the diameter are you on the line of the circle. The formula is a simple circle diameter is twice the radius. To find the diameter or diameter using other formulas applicable to the circle of course you can also apply. Because, basically, if there is any value of the area or circumference of a circle is known, in other words the exact diameter can be found.

Diameter circle formula can be obtained from the use of formulas to another circle is as follows:
Formula wide diameter using the formula: 2 x root of (Area of ​​circle / pi)
Formula diameter using the formula circumference: Circumference / pi

Actually, if we examine the words. Said center line is we can use our reason or logic to understand. Namely that the diameter is the length along the line that divides the circle.

In a perfect or ideal circle, then of course the distance between any point on the edge of the circle to a point on the other edge is the same. This is because the hoop is circular and centered on the center point and distance have the same in all directions. So if drawn gauge length (meters) from the center point to any point on the edge linkaran, then it is likely the results will be the same. But in a flat circular or irregular would be different story.


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