29 August 2012

FORMULA FOR triangle

In the right triangle to find the length of the sides of a triangle apply Pythagoras formula is simple but very well known. Well to find the length of the straight, the hypotenuse or the whole, this formula can be used. Why is a triangle right-angled segetiga say?, This is because the triangle there is a perpendicular angle (elbow) are worth 90 degrees. So if there is not at a right angle triangle is worth 90 degrees then surely the triangle is not a right triangle.

The formula applies to the triangle in the figure above is as follows:

     To find the roots of the term A = (C squared - B squared)
     To find the roots of the term B = (C kuasdrat - A squared)
     To find the length of C = Root of (A squared + B squared)

A line called the base, line B and line C as high as the hypotenuse. So-called high if a triangle is a perpendicular line is flanked by the right angle. This provision applies to all types of triangles, whether equilateral, isosceles or right-angled. If the isosceles or equilateral triangle has three sides that are not 90-degree angle, then surely all three sides of the triangle is not no such thing as high. So to find an example triangle high on such a formula should use Pythagoras.

For the formula for the area of a right triangle is a triangle that is generally applicable formula 1/2 base times the height. It's just to the side of the so-called higher on this type of triangle is we can get it directly (ie side B).


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