29 August 2012


EquilateralIf on a long mempuyai triangle all sides are equal then the triangle is an equilateral triangle, the triangle type applies its own formulas are somewhat different. But all the formula are not contradictory, is essentially the same except that there are undergoing further development due to the different conditions. I think you will be a little dizzy with my words rather convoluted, I'm sorry if it is not familiar. I just tried to pour had in mind while writing a glimpse of the way.
All sides of the equilateral triangle I can confirm that there are no known side high. Why I can conclude so. Since all the angles of a triangle is formed is the same ie 180 degrees divided by three (60 degrees). Thus the value of these angles does not qualify as the upright (which is flanked by the right angle).
So to find the area of ​​a triangle equilateral you should look for the first upright, because the general formula that we know a triangle is half the base times the height. But of course there is also the formula for the area of ​​a triangle is the type that we do not need to look for the first upright telebih. Yes for sure the formula is the same background but simplified to eliminate the variable side upright. Yes math is to substitute the term (if not mistaken .. wkwk WKK). The formula is (side squared / 4) times the root of three.
If you want to specify the upright side of the triangle is equilateral, then you can draw a line from the top of the triangle is perpendicular to the bottom up. So long as the line is called the length of the upright triangle. But the problem again is it true that if you find the area of ​​a triangle is only by using the formula 1/2 base x height. Of course not, because when we divide or form a line from the apex to the base of the triangle will be two pieces. So if the equilateral triangle is to apply the general formula 1/2 base x height, then it is just the same wide range of premises half. So there are two right-angled triangles when we formed the center line as the upright.


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