29 August 2012


The formula for a right triangle is basically the same as determining the formula of a triangle other types such as right-angled and equilateral. If on an equilateral triangle with the three sides are the same length, then the triangles of this type to the same side there are only two. Therefore both sides is referred to as the same foot. The formula used to find the area of general formula applies a triangle that is half the base times the height.

For a quick formula in an isosceles triangle is, to be honest I have not had time to find and present it for you. Understandably busy working and lack of time. But sebeenarnya you can find and get your own formula for this type of triangle by the development of a basic formula that applies to general triangles. Only that you should notice is the statement or logic formulas you should start from the basic formula that has been standardized and recognized, so haslinya not be distorted and will remain accurate.

To find the circumference of an isosceles triangle you just add the length of all three sides, or two sides of the foot plus side. Although the actual circumference of the question very rarely appears in the matter because it is very simple and does not need a formula to look for it. But the thing you should consider is your own understanding of the mobile itself. What is the circumference of a flat wake. With the understanding that even without the formula already dibaukan you can still calculate its value.


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