29 August 2012


Kites | Formula wide kite - here I'll try to explain briefly about kites and their mathematical formulas that apply. Build flat one is very similar to a rhombus. If not then you might consider carefully the picture they are the same. Though there are differences between the two. What distinguishes them is that the rhombus has four sides the same length, while the kite is not.

Talking about the kites, I remember childhood. I often play a kite in the middle of rice fields harvested is up, running around happily. Although the body was filled with mud and rags, but childhood pleasures like it will not happen again. Where no such pure pleasure adult pleasure that can not be separated from the load and responsibility.

Are you able to make a kite?

I used to include experts in making kites. I used to take the bamboo from the garden behind the house and then buy oil as a background paper kite. If the money is not there, it could also be made of old newspapers or scrap plastic. The important thing kites can fly and we can run around with happy happy.

The following formula is the formula kite extensive and itinerant general formula applies:

L = 1/2 x d1 x d2

+ K = 2.S1 2.S2


L = area of ​​a kite
K = Roving kite
d1 = Diagonal 1
Diagonal d2 = 2
S1 = Side kite 1
S2 = Side kite 2

 Consider the picture above, which is referred to as the kite is s1 and s2. s1 and s2 sama2 pair have the same length. The so-called diagonal d1 and d2 are, look at the picture: the diagonal d1 and d2 are diagonal vertical horizontal.

Answer Example Problem Kites below!

     Known length of the diagonal of a kite d1 and d2 are 4cm and 6cm, wide compute kite is meant?
     Of Question 1, count the length of the kite as a whole if the length of one side is 3 cm?
     If the area of ​​a kite is 60 cm square and 8 cm length d1, calculate the length of the diagonal 2 (d2)?
     How long roving kite if s1 and s2 length is 60 cm and 80 cm?
     What is the difference between a kite and a rhombus?

Answers and discussion I intentionally did not attach because of the problem of the kite is pretty simple. You should be able to finish it as a mathematical exercise your choice.


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