29 August 2012


What is meant by the circumference of a circle is the length of the edge of a circular line. To find the length of the circumference of a circle is certainly no formula. But you do not need to bother to create a formula for long before we are born mathematicians are working hard to solve anything of importance in the field of mathematics or arithmetic. In the example of a pattern, such as a flat rectangle, pentagon, triangles the length of the circumference to look very easy. Do not need a complicated formula that can only be discovered by the genius. This is because the length of the circumference to the other plane pattern can be found with the simpler logic. For example, to find the circumference of a triangle add up then we tingga length of the three sides of the triangle. Similarly, the rectangle, pentagon, hexagon, trapezoid, parallelogram and other forms of patterns, then you just add up some of the sides that form the edge of the pattern.

Formula Circumference Circle

I personally remember a lot more than the area of ​​a circle formula circle circumference formula. I also do not know the reason for sure. To be sure I also frequently forgot-forgotten remember the formula circumference of a circle.

From the picture above if known circle radius = 7 then the circumference of the circle is 44. This value is in accordance with the value we get the circumference formula set are:

K = 2. pi. r

K = circumference of a circle
pi = 22/7
r = radius / radius


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