14 January 2013

An easy way to Upload Video To Youtube With pictures + video

How to upload videos to Youtube with Viewing Video

Youtube provides two ways you can use the upload, upload a video of the first computers, laptops, cell phones, and the second straight record your video with a webcam. Okay we just headed tutorial and steps.

How to upload videos to Youtube

1. Log in to Youtube account, if you do not register first well.
2. Then click Upload as shown below:

3. Then select Upload Multiple Files if you want to upload more than one video or click Select Files From Your Computer if you just want to upload a video. This is done because we are going to take a video file on your computer. As shown below.

4. After that, take it or choose a video on your computer, for example, I select a video Zidane Goal in my computer Downloads folder. As shown.

5. Youtube will directly upload the video you chose earlier. And while waiting for the upload, you can do something like give the title of your video, provide additional information, as well as tags that describe your video's. And select category also privacy settings on the right. As in the following figure.

Completed. Youtube video then you will go live once the upload is complete, and will immediately give Youtube video URL you upload. And you can directly go to the video, to see the results.


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