14 January 2013

How Voice Training Can For Singing in Higher tone + How to sing With Good Coaching + Voice + How to Sing vocal

1]. To produce a beautiful sound, like the human vocal instruments generally have four basic elements of sound producer, namely:a. lungs as a source of energyb. larynx as a vibratorc. as a living reflective throat pharynx, oral cavity, and nasal cavity as a resonator chamberOur bodies are designed [justify] in such a way so as to produce a good sound. By the time we sing, the source of energy to vibrate the vibrator is befungsi air. The air we breathe and remove it through the diaphragm and breathing techniques instead of the chest, shoulders or abdomen.2]. When the sound of the guitar and the violin is produced by vibrating strings, then in the human vocal instrument vocal cord vibration is. Vocal cords were in the ballot box made of muscle and cartilage located at the top of the windpipe (larynx). Larynx had six inches long and four inches wide. Vocal cords are flexible membranes with long range between two inches (men) to one and a quarter inches (female). Good sound will only be generated when the voice moves docked membranes to form a narrow slit that vibrates is called the glottis.3]. Tool reflector contained in our body commonly called the pharynx. Pharynx is the space behind the uvula can be enlarged / reduced elastically. Pharynx function provides vowel sound and color diversity.4]. With regard to the three vocal resonator that provides the most significant contribution, namely: the throat, mouth and nose, then there are a few notes to consider:a. Sounds dark, as if "swallowed" and memorable distant sound caused by the concentration of too much focus on the resonator throatb. Sounds bright, wide and has a forward focus noise caused by the concentration of too much focus on the resonator mouthc. Concentration caused nasal voice sounds too focused on nasal resonatorsSo in other words using a combination of the three resonators are proportionally is a wise decision.5]. The position of the tongue is good at singing should be flat and curved behind the lower teeth.6]. Singing in the position of sitting / standing right, are:a. Looking for the most comfortable standing position with the weight of the body rests equally on both feetb. As far as possible in a straight line from the midpoint of the second heel to headc. Do not tighten the muscles of the calf or resting on both heelsd. Both knees should feel loose and can move freelye. Lower abdomen (below the waist to hip) should be slightly drawn in without forced. When the lower abdomen moving too forward it causes the body to become curvedf. Upper abdomen (waist to rib cage) is essential for respiration, because it was the upper abdomen should move freely. Upper abdomen is too drawn into or pushed out excessively can cause tension. This tension will eventually disrupt respiratory processes we takukang. Position your back straight so that the spine should be liftedh. Chest should be in the upright position without being compelled to note that the chest should not move up and down at the time we took and exhalei. Shoulders should be pulled back slightly, and during breathing or singing shoulders should not move. The position of the shoulder is not moving will help a lot in maintaining a roomy chest and spine liftedj. The arms should be able to move freely and not feel stiffk. Avoid movements which reflect his nervousness as rub-rub ¬ thumb, clenched hands, clothes groping, rubbing his hair and so onl. Avoid the habit of lifting the chin when shooting high notes.7]. Some practical exercises to establish good posture:a. The attitude of standing / sitting upright (imagine yourself as a king or queen who was walking with a swagger)b. Both heels are not stuck togetherc. Both feet apart with a distance of about 15 cm. One foot can be placed next to the front with your toes in the normald. Slowly lean forward on your feet and then return to the starting position on the heel. Find the best standing position by finding the midpoint between the ankles and feete. Bow your head to touch your chest and noticed that between the neck and spine are now separatedf. Imagine your head as if hanging on the ceiling and regardless of bodyg. Turning the head to the left and to the right with the goal of loosening joints neckh. Move the arm separately, as if the water flapping in the palm of the hand and armi. Move the legs, as if the water flapping on the solesj. Jumping with the aim to loosen all the tension in joints and musclesk. Flex your shoulders and neck by neck bowed and tilted forward and backwardl. Flex your knees by bending the kneem. Moving heel up and down as he reached up as far as possible as if to pluck fruits that are out of reachn. Imagining a body like a huge bell swinging from left to right8]. Breathing using the diaphragm:a. The diaphragm is the muscle in a relaxed position and resemble elongated dome located at the bottom of the rib cage. When the lungs fill with air, the diaphragm flattens himself so making available additional space for air retrieval. Since the diaphragm is attached to the bottom of the rib of man, the intercostal muscles (the muscles between the ribs ¬ bone) also expands. At the time of taking the air turns flattened diaphragm and move down to the bottom so as to encourage the organs beneath it expands out. That's why the singers are advised to avoid large meals before singingb. At the time of taking the breath moves the abdominal cavity expands in all directions, especially to the side and to the rear. Intake of breath can be done using the same mouth and nose as if smelling flowers imagined. But in the parts of the song that does not provide enough quiet, then we can simply take the breath by using mouth. While on the track that gives pause long enough, it is recommended to use nose (more hygienic) and mouth simultaneouslyc. At the time of inhalation, the position remains in a state of flat chest and was moved wide to the side. Notice is not bloated or move up!d. At the time being breathe, notice that the shoulders do not move up at all, forward or backwarde. Spinal muscles and spinal function hold to inflate the abdominal cavity was not immediately loosened. In order to hold the stomach tight, do not ever use the muscles of the shoulderf. The base of the spine (the tail) moves down deep and thus maintained during the hold airg. At the time of taking a deep breath then automatically the soft palate will move up and move down the opposite Adam's apple. This position is open as singing the correct positionh. At the time of singing, the air that had been taken earlier issued back regularly to always maintain the condition of the abdominal cavity are still tight and not tensei. Four things to remember well the respiratory training are:(1) posture need to be coordinated well maintained(2) taking the breath does not sound right(3) remove the air during chest position should be maintained(4) on each of decision breath ribs on the bottom should be expandedSome practical exercises for breathingInhaling air:(1) upright stance(2) one hand in the waist(3) the other hand presses the navel(4) to mimic the shape of the fish's mouth slowly inhaled air using the nose and mouth. Imagine that you are trying to recognize the smell of a perfume(5) during the process of filling the air took place imagine that your body is like a balloon that expands as the air filled(6) air that has taken hold in a relaxed (body position expands) and moving his head to the left and to the right is slowlyRemoving the air:(1) remove the air that has been taken using the consonant "sh"(2) soothe a crying baby(3) mimicked the sound of bees(4) imagine blowing balloons floating in the air to keep from falling to the groundActivate the diaphragm:(1) laugh freely like someone being fat was laughing mengakak seeing very funny scene: ho - ho - ho - ho-ho(2) laughed and giggled like a wicked witch who was laughing with joy because he saw his victim dread: hi - hi - hi - hi - hi9]. Sing a relaxed and avoid any tension on the muscle part. The tensions in the shoulder or jaw will make the air we breathe has become meaningless at all. This tension resulted in: a) the air inhaled immediately wasted because the gap between the vocal cords (glottis) open, b) the neck sound.10]. Singing imaginatively (imagine like cotton-cotton blowing in the air to keep from falling on the floor, etc.).11]. Singing with the correct orientation of the sound (imagine the noise that was in the bottle is empty and clear sound).12]. Practice singing using a good support. Many people do not understand the function of support in singing. The reality is often the case that the entry and exit of air flow in the body is controlled by using swallower muscles (peristalsis). As a result, what happens is intonation (pitch shots) are often missed, unclear articulation, and voice becomes hoarse. Some practical exercises below useful to feel the role of support in singing:a. stand up straight and stretch both arms at shoulder levelb. exhale consonant "f"c. breathe air slowly by using the consonant "f" and at the same time turn your arms in front of 180 degrees so that both thumbs facing down. You will feel a strong muscle movements around the spined. exhale the air out while using the consonant "f" and play back both arms to the starting position.or use this way:It depends on our habits. I've liked since childhood banged nyanyi2 high bernada2 song, like the song C.Aguilera, Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston. So, although it is now already 33 yrs old, high notes easily achieved.In order tetep tunable high notes, use head-voice, so as not to be seen ngoyo while singing. If you've dapet way, singing a high note instead save the breath rather than singing with low nada2. Because it requires a high pitch wind gusts less than nada2 low. But the vocal organs would quickly tired, because the contract rather than low nada2.Actually, there are several ways to reach the high notes, one of which is a head-voice. With head-voice, high notes easily achieved. And head-voice is far more melodic than the usual sound. trust me. If it can, improve the ability of capital to register to falsetto register. Falset nada2 can be used to shoot very high when the head voice can not reach it. And the highest level is the whistle register, the shrill sound of Mariah Carey's regular use.For head-voice the way he is "throw" your voice right on the head cavity. Practice saying "aaaaa ....." up your voice resonates in the head (NOT in the throat or chest). Your head will feel a little "amused" by air "wandering" in the head cavity. The best example for the head-voice voice CELINE DION. I think that Celine sang almost all the songs with head-voice note in almost all parts of the song. Excess head-voice is that we can hold the high notes as long as possible, even up to 15 seconds-more than belting voice or chest-voice.Contoh song, "I Surrender", "I Drove All Night".Another way is to shoot a high note with a belting voice or chest-voice. The advantage is that our voices tetep thick (not thin and shrill) so between the low and high tones sound stable and neatly thickness of his voice. Another advantage that this voice can not give DRAMATIC effects. Very fitting for fitting klimax sung songs, like the Chorus end. However, it takes the breath sounds "a lot" and the power is very strong. A good example-belting voice or chest-voice is C.Aguilera. Even so often she uses this voice, he often assessed OVERSINGING. But that's great he was. His breath still "a lot" and stable despite the use-belting voice or chest voice starting from the beginning of the song ampe end of the song. Sample song: "Lady Marmalade" and "Is not no Other Man".

or use this way: 

There are some general knowledge and basic skills that must be possessed by every munsyid, such as:A. Alignment or BlendingAlignment is the most important factor in producing good music composition. The most necessary factor preferred alignment is a matter of tone, rhythm, strong or weak voice sound properties. A decent group called harmonic if it can not produce a discordant tone, tempo or beats a steady pace, including compactness in running speed of the song. Furthermore it should be supported by the compactness in determining when to produce a loud, soft, medium, slightly hard, slightly soft or very soft. The ability to choose a musical instrument as well as accuracy in memfungsikannya-including vocal as variations on certain parts of the song, should also be held.If the clear vocals are accompanied by harmony tones, beats and rhythms, dynamic (strong weak voice) blend of nature sounds and harmony on a song sung with full concentration and feeling, and the music will be very comfortable to hear.B. Wealth NuanceIn assessing any intellectual nuances, such as the four elements of tone, pace or rhythm beats, loud or soft sounds and colors can be used as a barometer of sound character. When the lead singer in a group has more than one then it can be in harmony for one, two, three votes or more. So, when using some of the same instrument, it is necessary with the division of tasks and roles are varied. Produce the same sound is redundant because the actions are not enriching shades.C. Practicing RespiratoryIn the singing of breath is the most fundamental factor, because the vowels processed through friction breath or larynx with vocal cords are vibrated by the resonance of the neck. Exercise to be trained has 2 benefits. First, so that we can have a breath long enough to avoid the breathless song that could cause our singing was not comfortable to hear. Second, to add strength to force the diaphragm or diaphragm powering techniques.Basic breathing exercises that can be done is, take a breath slowly for 10 seconds, then immediately hold your breath within 10 seconds, then immediately exhale slowly within 10 seconds anyway. If not strong do not steal or breathe outside specified earlier. In strong conditions should waste your breath just then preparing to go back from the breath-taking process. When the interval of 10 seconds was considered easier then you may increase to 15 seconds, 20 seconds and so on. If the condition of your body is getting very tired especially have to feel dizzy, do not over-exert yourself. Oiya ... regular exercise such as jogging, swimming and others are also able to increase our stamina and breathing when singing.D. Tips To Increase Vocal PowerPower sound or commonly known as power is as important as reaching the perfection of sound. For a weak voice will not attract the attention of the listener. Sound power is not a power source screaming loudly, because such noise can make people tired medengarnya. Power in question is vocals produced by self-effort vocal-technique and energy feeling.How to train the sound of a very practical way is to set up a burning candle, and the candle is blown from a minimum distance of 1.5 meters until extinguished. Practice 10-20 times per session and get yourself a day to do in the second session. When the distance of 1.5 meters is getting easier, then perjauhlah distance, there is even more good amount of wax was reproduced in the form of a row or rows. Of particular interest in this exercise is, blow the candle with birth and labor force feeling. Exercise also helps to raise your voice.E. Tips For Singers DonateHow commonly used in training singers are academically sound discordant solfegio exercise (read: solfejio or solfej). The trick is frequently practiced singing while closing the left ear or the right. Closing the ear will make us more easily and precisely while controlling our own vocal tone. If there is someone who obtained results of the exercise are not as good as the others, it is considered less likely because it has the basic ingredients tone sensitivity compared to those who had been more successful, because the sensitivity of a person-tone musical talent of every human being-not all the same. Most importantly, this exercise will Insha Allah help anyone tone sensitization.F. Tips To clarify VoiceThe clear voice can be trained in a way to maximize the functionality resonator we have. Resonator head to train high voice, neck resonator to train a voice and chest resonator to train low voice. How to train very practical once the senandungkanlah all parts of songs that you like the sound of "M" (his mouth) it automatically gets used three vibrating resonance was appropriate altitude track.There are two things to note in this exercise. First, while humming or huming, upper teeth and lower teeth do not touch. Second, when reaching the high notes, always hold the crown of your head until you feel there is a small vibration that touches the palm of the hand.G. Tips on Living with songSinging is the act of expressing the song through the vocals. To obtain an expressive singing and moving, then the first is sought to be achieved we will bring song can touch our own feelings. Even make ourselves dasaat goosebumps singing.Practical ways to train the mood is as follows:First, read the lyrics carefully to know what it means. Second, determine your impression of the atmosphere of the song is sad, excited, excitement, great and so on. Third, read the lyrics word for word was in a mood that is the impression you feel. After successfully reading the feelings you have, then Increase by practicing singing songs based on the kind of feeling before. Exercises such as this should not only be performed by a singer, but also by the musicians (accompaniment), in order to play music when he played with the same expression with the singer.


1. if it can be less oily n mkanan drinking ice ..2. jngan mknan eating can lead to cough sputum ato ..3. try deh rempah2 (kencur) simply peeled corn aja .. song in ants .. in isep .. please, do not have a day 3kali ato gmn .. depending on your intentions ..how to make it sound nglega'in ya .. Let smoothly .. fine ..if ya cra for mastering high note ..1. always try to exercise .. breath setting no 1 ...2. do not smoke ...3. continuous exercise .. fitting a shower could, roads, ato others .. pkoknya every time


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