18 February 2013

Decorative Motif Archipelago

A. Types of Ornamental Motif Archipelago
Our ancestors were great creators of decorative motifs. At first they painted decorative motifs on the body and clothing of bark. The arrival of the people of Cambodia and Vietnam transmit custom made ​​woven geometric motifs. It is developed by our ancestors so as to create various forms of decorative motifs applied to various works of art including cloth.
By its very nature there are two types of decorative motifs, ornamental geometric motifs and decorative motifs naturalist. According to the theme of motive to grow herbs, animal motifs, and human motives.

Based on the research of anthropologists (the science of human origins) and archeology (the study of the life and culture of ancient times), it is concluded that the decorative motifs are geometric decorative motifs are quite old age. Conclusions are based on the findings of ancient objects that have been decorated with geometric motifs. In the past the creation of many decorative motifs associated with beliefs and magical power.

sugik arek kamal


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