18 February 2013

Ornamental Shape Motif

This time we will discuss the shape motif in the subject matter in elementary SBK.1. Ornamental Shape MotifComrades must have understood, that one of the works of art is a decorative motif. this time will discuss the subject matter gurusbk.blogspot.com SBK 5 th grade. Understanding motif or pattern is the basis of a field that looks indah.corak This will then form a decorative motif that could lead to their beauty. Many different motives in Indonesia, it is because of the many diverse ethnic cultures that spread in our archipelago.Decorative motifs form there are two kinds of decorative motifs and geometric non geometric decorative motifs. Symbol or motif has a specific meaning which is reflected in the picture.2. Geometric Decorative MotifGeometric motif is abstract decorative motif (motif not real) rectangular shaped, zig-zag, circles, triangles, curved lines.3. Non geometric motifNon-geometric motif is decorative motifs made ​​with pictures of animals, plants, rocks, clouds, and there is also a merge between animals and plants. For example, animal motifs woven fabric, woven fabric plant motifs, woven fabrics mixed motives.4. Decorative motifsTypes There are two kinds of decorative motifs is, a decorative motif or a 2D two-dimensional and three-dimensional decorative motif or 3D.Motif is two-dimensional or 2D decorative motif that has length and width that can only be enjoyed from one direction only, or just from the front. The results of two-dimensional work of decorative motifs or 2D among other things such as songket cloth, woven fabrics, batik fabrics, jumputan, shadow puppets, and so on.Motif is three-dimensional or 3D decorative motif that has length, width, and height, so it can be viewed from any direction or angle of view anywhere. Examples of the work of three-dimensional decorative motif or 3D include sculpture, carving, temple reliefs, puppet show, miniature, and so on.

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