18 February 2013

Motif batik geometric

Geometric batik motifs - is a decoration that uses geometric elements as the basic form. Geometric decorative base has the form fields in geometry, such as triangles, rectangles, circles, kites and other banyun. Decorative motifs serve to adorn a field. decorative motif is present in the field of fabric. Geometric decorative motifs include the traditional batik motifs.Motif Family Special Prohibition palaceThe ban is one of the decorative motifs of batik cloth that show the level of nobility in family court. Even the pattern is fragmented and highly limited in the palace.

Let us look at a variety of motives prohibition contained in Yogyakarta batik,

 1. Type broken machete, sembagen huk and eagle motif ageng was used by the rulers, and the crown prince consort / wife of the king.2. Motif cement bersaya double eagle and a single, specially for the family member who holds sovereign prince descent.3. Meanwhile, for the motive cement without the wing shape, kawung, salad skewers, Udan lyrical motif used is a distant relative degree raden mas.

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