29 October 2012

Basic thermodynamic + Nature of THERMODYNAMICS

1.1. Nature of THERMODYNAMICSThermodynamics is the study of thermal dynamics. Thermal dynamics is characterized by a change in material properties. The material can be berphasa liquid, solid and gas or a mixture. The workings of the various systems of energy change can be explained by thermodynamics, for example: motor fuel, rocket gas turbine power plant air conditioning and others.Known in thermodynamics of concepts, models and laws. The concept is that ditungkan ideas in a definition. Physical condition of the universe is indeed very complex, so a definition is unlikely to explain all phenomena that exist. Therefore we need a model to narrow the issues. So the model is a simplification of a problem that can be described mathematically acceptable. Then ideology and understanding contained in the model should be poured into the appropriate terms in the equations of mathematical or legal basis.1.2. SCOPESome examples of the scope of application of thermodynamics are as follows:1.2.1. Steam power plantSteam generated in the steam generating unit and then expanded pad steam turbine. The resulting power turbine used to drive an electric generator.

 Steam Power Plant1.2.2. Motor fuelIncluded in this combustion gasoline engines and diesel engines. Fuel burned in the engine combustion chamber to produce high pressures, then the pressure is pushing the piston to generate power.

Motor Fuel piston1.2.3. Gas TurbineIncreased air pressure with a compressor and then into the combustion chamber. In the combustion chamber and the fuel is sprayed once ignited, causing the burning that produces high pressure. Then the gas pressure and high temperature combustion is expanded in a gas turbine to generate power.

Gas Turbine1.2.4. Thermoelectric GeneratorA junction is made of semiconductor material of type N and P supplied heat. Since both metals are not the same there will be a flow of electrons, caused by a potential difference of two different metal types such as temperature.
Thermoelectric Generator1.2.5. Cooling machinesCoolant (Freon) to absorb heat that turns into a vapor phase and then compressed by the compressor to high pressure and temperature. It aims to Freon Heat absorbed was easily thrown into the atmosphere so that the Freon is condensed into a liquid again. Liquid Freon further lowered by the pressure and temperature is expanded in the expansion valve. The result Freon back into the cold and ready to absorb more heat.
Vapor compression refrigeration1.3. DIMENSIONS AND UNITSInternational system (SI units) is a system of unit / units which are pegembangan and refinement of traditional metric system .. In the SI system which distinguishes it from the metric system is the use of Newton as the unit of force. The table below is a table unit and dimension to SI systemTable 1.1: Units and dimensions of the SI systemQuantity Dimensions Unit / Unit of MeaningThe length L m MeterMass M kg KilogramSecond time t scKelvin temperature T KML/t2 style kg m/sc2 = N NewtonVelocity L / t m / sc meter per secondAcceleration L/t2 m/sc2 square meter per secodFrequency of 1 / t 1 / s = Hz HertzPressure Pascal N/m2 M/t2L kg/sc2m =Energy ML2/t2 kg m2/sc2 = N-m JoulePower ML2/t3 N-m/sc Kg.m2/sc2 = J / sc = Watt
Description:Kelvin temperature units are called absolute temperature (), where t is temperature in degrees Celsius (OC).The table below is a table of units and dimensions for the British systemTable 1.2: Unit and the British system dimwnsiQuantity Dimensions Unit / Unit of MeaningThe length L ft FoodLBM mass pound mass MSecond time t scTemperature T or RankinLbf pound force force FVelocity L / t ft / sc Feed per secondAcceleration Feed L/t2 ft/sc2 per secod squareFrequency of 1 / t 1 / s = Hz HertzF/L2 pressure feed lbf/ft2 Pound force per squareFt-lbf energy FL-pound FeedThe FL / t ft-lbf / s Feed-pounds per second
Description:Rankin temperature unit is called the absolute temperature () where t is the temperature in degrees Fahrenheit (OF).


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